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Our purpose

The Web3 Experience was created to educate and onboard the massive creator culture that currently exists, as well as bridge them with the next generations of talent, brands and entrepreneurs. In the next few years, many job applications will be seeking individuals with knowledge and on-hands experience working with complex technologies such as Blockchain, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc.

What separates The Web3 Experience from the rest?

We are completely purpose-driven. 

Coming from immigrant nations such as Lebanon, Egypt and Venezuela, whose traditional FIAT currency systems have completely failed their citizens, our team believes we were pushed into Web3 for a reason.


So many countries across the globe suffer from hyperinflation, corruption, and economic instability, leaving many poor and dependent on the establishment.


Our purpose is to educate the many under-represented countries of the world by teaching citizens how they can utilize developing technologies to achieve financial independence and opportunity.

Through this platform, our team will be offering detailed insight on the emerging culture of Web3, as well as the many new era technologies that lie within.


Meet the Team

A group of futurists on a mission to inspire the builders of tomorrow.  

Muhammed Eid

Founder & CEO

Athlete, Nature Lover, Evolutionary Realist.
Mozy is purposeful in his passion to spread global opportunity and financial literacy through meaningful education, guidance and thoughtful collaboration. 
On a mission to make a difference in this world.

With over 2.5 years of experience as a Miami-based blockchain consultant, Muhammed holds a deep passion for guiding open-minded individuals through this emerging industry and leveraging the next era of technologies by assisting clients as they strategically transition into Web3 culture.

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Ramy Bekhiet

 Angel investor & Community lead

Generosity, Social Connection, Global Collaboration.
Ramy is someone who gives and gives, but asks very little in return. As a people-pleaser and efficient collaborator, he plays a critical role in securing relationships that help amplify and grow the brand

Featured in Bloomberg for crypto investing and social influencing, Ramy has over 5 years of experience in the Web3 industry and has a range of skillsets when it comes to partner facilitation, funding necessities and community development. As the Partnership Coordinator and Social Media Manager for PDX Global, he is also involved with social influence groups holding over 50K+ Discord community members.

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William Stanley
"Degen Media"

chief media director

Ambition, Mental Grit, Purposeful Action.
Willy is a person that does not stop until something is done, and done well. He’s passionate about family, faith and pursuing goals to achieve a common goal.

With 4 Years of experience in content creation and 5 years of experience in the crypto industry, Willy plays a vital role through his creative craft in videography/photography, visual design and comprehensive editing. 

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We pride ourselves on partnering with the industry's finest,

to consistently drive innovation and deliver exceptional results.

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"The Web3 Experience"

Our company, and all affiliated members, carry a deep passion for educating and guiding people through the many upcoming cycles of technological innovation. 

Please remember that ALL content created and distributed by our team DOES NOT constitute financial advice. (NFA)

We take responsibility for all the content we produce, and promise to our readers the following:

  • Transparency throughout funding, sponsorship, partnership and advertising opportunities

  • Impartiality and honesty in our editorial content

  • Integrity in selecting strategic partners

  • Consistent growth and innovation as platform 

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