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Educational Resources

Our team is blessed with the opportunity to educate and onboard the massive creator culture that currently exists, as well as bridge them with the next generations of talent, brands and entrepreneurs.

Through the form of Virtual & In-Person Podcast Episodes, Weekly Newsletters, Industry Related Articles, Market Updates, Webinars/Seminars, Curriculum Programs,
Community Livestreams and more...

Our team of passionate educators are on a mission to demystify and offer new perspectives toward the future of tech innovation. By building this community-driven platform and amplifying the power of Web3 technologies, we hope to continue fostering an organic network of forward-thinkers that can connect, grow and build together in this emerging digital frontier. 

20 years ago, Apple released the IPOD.

Today, we're sprinting to a so called "Metaverse."

Technology is advancing at speeds incomprehensible to most.

How do you envision the world in 10-20 more years?

PAST EVENTS (Educational)

It was our privilege to host a WEB3 fireside chat at the prestigious Camp David in Industry City, Brooklyn. Thanks to our host, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, we were able to network and connect with so many diverse, forward-thinking professionals.


By joining our growing community, you will:

1)  Learn how to independently and efficiently navigate through many decentralized markets.

2)  Feel confident in your personal knowledge of Web3, and all the sectors that lie within.


3)  Be able to utilize and deploy blockchain tools to separate yourself within any given industry.

SEMINARS & IRL workshops

Conference Crowd

Contact us if you are interested in
co-hosting a new era technology-focused 

Webinar or Seminar for your family
business workforce, or Web2 community!

Private consulting

Using new era marketing strategies and seamlessly integrating Web3 tools into current business models, our sister company, NFT Consultants Group, helps guide companies through this digital transition and stamps them as early innovators amongst industry peers.
Be bold. Move different! 

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