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Episode 10: Political Corruption: An Insider's Perspective

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Web3 Experience!

This week our hosts Mozy and Lance met with Threadgirl.eth, the Director of Operations and Head of Marketing at Domain Plug.

Born and raised in Lebanon, a tragically corrupt nation that continues stripping away citizens' freedoms, Threadgirl shares her personal stories that show us the true capability and necessity for Cryptocurrency, ENS Domains and the greater Web3 culture.



In this episode, we were able to hear unique perspectives from someone who has experienced political and financial corruption first hand. In the past 5 years, the Lebanese Lira has declined more than 99% in value. Citizens who were forced to keep their life savings in the banks of Lebanon, had most of their money stolen by the hands of the government. The sad reality is that Lebanese citizens are not alone. These situations of unfair treatment and lack of opportunity exist across the globe. That's why it is our duty as educators to call out these bad actors and build a better future that separates from the increasing control of central powers.

Threadgirl also offers her expert analysis on the current state of ENS - The Ethereum Name Service. Besides explaining the network's capabilities, she offers her expert advice for how someone should get started in the world of decentralized domains. Supply and demand always determine value. The scarcity of .com domains creates the insane price tags that we see today. ENS is the pinnacle of scarcity on the Ethereum Network. The quicker you understand the importance for these domains, the quicker NFTs will make more sense. It's all about scarcity!

Topics we discuss, include:

- How the Lebanese Banks Stole Money From Citizens

- Growing a Social Presence in Web3

- What is ENS (Ethereum Name Service)?

- Why are ENS Domains Important?

- The True Value of Domains - The Power of Scarcity

- Inflationary Currencies - A Growing Concern

- Centralized Crypto Exchanges are Glorified Banks (FTX)

- Rebellion is Necessary for Change

- Meme Culture Comprehension

- How Reddit Onboarded Millions into NFTs

- Director of Vibes is an Actual Job?

- Likes & Views = Money

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Filmed and recorded at Living The Dream Studios.

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