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Episode 11: From Rags to Crypto Riches

Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Web3 Experience!

This week our host Mozy met with Brando Murphy, seasoned blockchain investor, entrepreneur, and certified Crypto Coach focused on educating the next generation of visionaries. Brando's inspiring journey to Hollywood prestige starts with humble beginnings; a true story of "Rags to Crypto Riches."

Through his community, Bigger Than Race, Brando is focused on building networks that strive for change and develop higher expectations for your financial success, despite your environment. There are many new opportunities out there for people of all walks of life, some people just need need that extra helping hand to show them the path.



In this episode, we were able to break down the Web2 and Web3 industry, while providing unfiltered perspectives on the past, with realistic expectations for the future of digital currency. Brando's decorated path to becoming a Crypto Influencer can be learned from, and his experiences reveal the truths about Hollywood, Web2 Data Manipulation, Social Media Growth, Community Management & more. Also, if you have a strong opinion on something, have done the deep-dive research, and are willing to put yourself out there, Brando shows us what it takes to become an expert in your field and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

With the rapid emergence of AI and other complex technologies, we also discuss the future ramifications of job loss in the global workforce. AI, advanced robotics and new technologies will soon be handling much of the small tasks and jobs of our society, therefore it is crucial that we understand the realities that are presenting themselves to better prepare yourself or your company for keeping up with the evolution of society.

Topics we discuss, include:

- How to Identify a Trustworthy Influencer

- Connecting and Networking in Web3

- The Truth About NFTs

- Getting Certified in Blockchain Technology & The Metaverse

- Differentiating PFPs from Utility-Driven NFTs

- Social Media Culture in Web3

- Centralized vs. Decentralized Wallets - The Beauty of Self-Custody

- Finding Your Motivation - What Drives You?

- What Separates the 99% from the 1%?

- Surrounding Yourself with Good People & Good Energy

- How to Research like an Expert

- The Future of AI

- Helping the Little Dog Become a Big Dog

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Filmed and recorded at Living The Dream Studios.

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