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Episode 13: Alpha Pro Club

Welcome to the 13th episode of the Web3 Experience!


This week our hosts Muhammed and Lance met with the team at Alpha Pro, an innovative group of entrepreneurs who have scaled their exotic car rental/detailing company into a multi-million dollar business in only a few years, and are now transitioning into WEB3 with the launch of their unique upcoming NFT collection, Alpha Pro Club.

In this episode, we discuss their incredible growth over the past few years, their upcoming strategies to adopt blockchain technology and introduce a true LUXURY membership collection that provides utility/benefits to holders in a variety of ways such as: Discounted Automobile/Airline Rentals/Purchases, Passive Income Arbitrage Opportunities, Access to Exclusive IRL Venues and much more.

Conversation then flows into a variety of hot topics in Web3, such as centralized exchange manipulation, new era digital marketing tips, global brand building and more. It was a pleasure hearing perspectives from a seasoned group of business owners who have their sights focused on encapsulating the next generations of financiers and tech savants.

Topics we discuss in this episode, include:

- Using NFTs to Compliment and AMPLIFY Your Existing Business

- Adapting to the Times - From an Entrepreneurial Perspective

- Separating Your Web2 vs. Web3 Business Models/Entities

- Luxury ARBITRAGE System

- Web3 Marketing Insights

- How to Create Hype

- Being Different and Innovative is Hard Work

- Learning From Each Rug Pull

- Building While the Competition Sleeps

- Let the Community Build Content For You

- FTX was a Trojan Horse - A Breakdown

- Our Fiat Currency Systems are Failing Us

- Global Wealth is Shifting

- It's a Generation Thing

- Don't Use the Word "NFT"

- Does P2E (Play-to-Earn) Gaming Work?



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Filmed and recorded at Living The Dream Studios. #financialfreedom#blockchain#crypto#web3#NFT#nfts#podcast#education


About The Web3 Experience:

Every week we meet with the most innovative minds across culture, business, and technology to discuss how Web3 is unlocking a new generation of opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike.

By speaking with the builders of tomorrow and hearing their unique perspectives on Web3 and the world at large, we aim to break down the many existing societal frameworks that blockchains aim to disrupt.

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