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Episode 14: Leila Ismailova (

Welcome to the 14th episode of the Web3 Experience!


This week our host Muhammed met with Leila Ismailova, Co-Founder of Artisant, a Web3 digital fashion company that is focused on unlocking new opportunities and paving the way for young creators and fashionistas. Many people could argue that your digital identity is more important than your physical identity, in a sense. We are completely bound physically here on Earth, but digitally we have the freedom to express ourselves in any way imaginable.

In this episode, we discuss Leila's inspiring journey through the fashion and entertainment industry, and learn how COVID sparked this rapid merger of physical and digital fashion. We also cover why so many large brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma and other culture-based companies have been leaping into the Web3 industry in one way or another over the past year. For many exclusivity-centric companies that sell collectibles, shoe wear, etc., they struggle to combat the massive fake products that come out of China. Can the blockchain and NFT/C technology help verify physical authenticity?

Topics we discuss in this episode, include:

- The Merger of Physical and Digital Fashion

- Making the Buying Process Friction-Less

- Managing a 15K+ Member Community

- Rewarding Your Earliest Users

- Misunderstanding New Technologies

- Paris Hilton and Jimmy Kimmel Talk NFTs

- Verified Digital Ownership and Physical Exclusivity

- Making Fashion Fun and Immersive through AR Technology

- Global Inclusivity and Opportunity On-Chain

- Expressing Yourself Digitally through Fashion


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About The Web3 Experience:

Every week we meet with the most innovative minds across culture, business, and technology to discuss how Web3 is unlocking a new generation of opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike.

By speaking with the builders of tomorrow and hearing their unique perspectives on Web3 and the world at large, we aim to break down the many existing societal frameworks that blockchains aim to disrupt.




Filmed and recorded on Iris.

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