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Episode 20: The Power of Networking in Web3

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Web3 Experience!




This week our host MOZY and FR33LVNCE met with:

Gianni Dalerta

Gianni D’Alerta has been working in technology, branding, and marketing for more than 20 years, beginning his career during the first dot com boom at one of Miami’s first ISPs. Gianni’s insatiable curiosity drew him to the blockchain industry in 2013, where he was a founding member of Ethereum.

In 2017, D’Alerta worked alongside Ethereum’s founder Anthony Di Iorio at Decentral/Jaxx as the Director of Marketing, leading the organization’s global branding initiatives. Earlier in his career, D’Alerta was an early employee of gaming hardware company Alienware – where he created the iconic identity seen by millions today. Today you can find him helping businesses with their NFT and blockchain strategies at NAKA, tinkering with many NFT projects, including assisting the City of Miami, Mayor Suarez, and Venture Miami on blockchain initiatives.

In 2022 he co-founded Miami NFT Week, where more than 5000 people attended a three-day event, more than 250 speakers, and featured speakers Mayor Suarez, Mark Cuban, and Grand Cardone. His passion project is called NFTcuba.ART, where he helps Cuban artists succeed in the NFT industry. He also co-founded an NFT art advisory called Metavisor. His team represented the 2nd fine artist on the Niftys platform and currently works with several clients helping their NFT Art-related projects. Lastly, Gianni is the co-founder and admin of the NFT community JPEG Morgan which hosts a monthly Proof-of-Steak luncheon and boasts some of the most influential people in the web3 industry as members.


Samuel Alvarez

CEO of Alpha Pro Detail, a multi-million dollar company that specializes in exotic car rentals and luxury detailing. Sam is also Co-Founder of Alpha Pro Club, an upcoming lifestyle membership group for Web3 enthusiasts.


Non Fungible Mikki

Founder of Hodler Gallery, an immersive event venue located in the heart of Wynwood Miami.



In this episode, we dive deep into the power of networking in crypto and Web3, with the founder of Miami NFT Week himself, Gianni Dalerta. We discuss how entrepreneurs can leverage their connections to find collaborators, investors and build their brands in web3, as well as provide actionable tips / insights for creating and maintaining valuable relationships within this rapidly evolving ecosystem. Overall, attending industry-related conferences is a great way to gain new perspectives, make important connections, and stay ahead of the curve. Tune in to hear amazing insight from a handful of seasoned entrepreneurs and one of the early founders of Ethereum.

Topics discussed in this episode, include:

◦ Why Attending Industry Conferences Matters

◦ Putting Yourself Out There

◦ How They Built a Product Called "Ethereum"

◦ Creating Events that Force Connection

◦ Alpha Pro Club: A Utility Driven Company

◦ What is Miami NFT Week?

◦ Hodler Gallery: Bridging NFTs Through IRL Event Production


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Gianni Dalerta

Samuel Alvarez



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About The Web3 Experience:

Every week we meet with the most innovative minds across culture, business, and technology to discuss how Web3 is unlocking a new generation of opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike.

By speaking with the builders of tomorrow and hearing their unique perspectives on Web3 and the world at large, we aim to break down the many existing societal frameworks that blockchains aim to disrupt.




Filmed and recorded at Miami NFT Week.

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