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Episode 23: Joel Celebrity Barber - From Prison to Hollywood

Welcome to the 23rd Episode of the Web3 Experience!





NFT NYC '23 Guest Interview

Meet Joel The Celebrity Barber

God’s Gift to Hair

Joel knew from an early age he wanted to become an elite barber. Growing up in a gang-dominated area of Puerto Rico, Joel knew that haircutting would be his path to a better life. By age nine, he was cutting the hair of local fishermen. And by 2006, he was giving trims to Cory Booker.

Joel was arrested in 2013 for possessing over 1000 grams of cocaine. He thought his life was over, but this was only the beginning. In prison, he used haircutting to build clout with fellow inmates. Joel knew that everyone has visitation, and everyone wants to look good for it. As one inmate noted, “This mothafucka turned this place into a spa!” His skills were so impressive that he became untouchable as he maneuvered his way through prison.

Lack of access to good tools while incarcerated forced Joel to think outside of the box. He used his wit and innovation to create a flexible razor attached to the end of a comb. He folded a square piece of aluminum from an old ginger-ale can around the razor blade, making the first version of his now patent-pending razor. By gripping the aluminum, he could bend the blade into different arcs, getting every angle needed for the perfect shave. With this, he could lift the spirits of even the most broken man. Now out of prison, Joel’s razor is hot on the market, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Meet the man who turned haircutting into artistry and tribulation into triumph.

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Filmed and recorded in New York.

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