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Episode 33: How to Create A "METAVERSE" - BTS w/ IGL City

Welcome to the 33rd Episode of the Web3 Experience!




This week we had the pleasure of discussing the true concept of a "Metaverse," with Scott and Chris, the co-founders of IGL City. A fantastic discussion, there's a lot to unpack here, tune in!

Topics discussed include:

- We are More Connected DIGITALLY, then Physically

- How NFTs Can Unlock Future Metaverse

- Ready Player One is Not So SCI-FI After All

- Forming the Concept of an Overarching Metaverse

- Metaverse Interoperability is Necessary

- The True VALUE of IP Ownership

- IMMERSIVE Shopping in the Metaverse - Digital Storefront Experiences

- Buying Digital Assets with Thoughtful Intentions and Expectations

- It's All For Entertainment - Unlimited Experiences in the Metaverse

- Be Whoever and Do Whatever You Want

- Unlocking CREATIVITY and Having Fun Connecting with Others

What is IGL City? (In a Nutshell)

"The concept of IGL started as a gaming league, intending to be a lobby with many doors leading to various games. We quickly realized it could be so much more. We began including not just games but virtual shopping for IRL products, entertainment, concerts, sporting events, social interaction, and educational access. IGL City goes as far as your imagination! We can build it here if you can do it in real life.

Our first game, Proving Grounds, is a third-person shooter. Like the city, Proving grounds is in beta and ready for gameplay. If you need to become more familiar with the controls, head to our Training Grounds to practice your skills and prepare to take on the world.

Our platform allows players to walk through the city and explore. Players can meet friends, go to the skatepark, explore a world made of balloons, or even look for Easter Eggs hidden inside the city. We have storefronts with actual products you can buy and have shipped to your door.

Our priority is to make a seamless and fun experience. We want to revolutionize how users interact in digital environments. We would say the sky's the limit, but when you find the flying saucer, you will quickly realize we have no limits!"

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About The Web3 Experience:

Every week we meet with the most innovative minds across culture, business, and technology to discuss how Web3 is unlocking a new generation of opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike.

By speaking with the builders of tomorrow and hearing their unique perspectives on Web3 and the world at large, we aim to break down the many existing societal frameworks that blockchains aim to disrupt.


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