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Episode 35: THE ART OF STORYTELLING - BTS with a Marvel Writer

Welcome to the 35th Episode of the Web3 Experience!




What an honor to discuss the future of storytelling and Web3 adoption with Ben Earl, a seasoned Marvel writer, web2.5 consultant, creative blockchain and AI strategist. When Ben's not cooking up the next SPIDERMAN story, he takes the time to develop story-driven blockchain marketing strategies for brands, ultimately helping companies plan their metaverse initiatives.

Ben is massively appreciated in the entertainment industry , and it's beyond refreshing to have someone so experienced, acting as that bridge between creative ownership and blockchain technology. In the coming years, with Ben's guidance we will continue seeing many more storytellers utilizing a blockchain.

Topics discussed include:

- Ben's Journey Through Entertainment

- Following Your Dad's Footsteps

- Technology Allow Us to Tell immersive Stories

- A Lack of IP Understanding in Hollywood

- Building a Graphic Novel with MARVEL

- Creating MASTERS OF THE SUN with Stan Lee and Will.I.Am

- AI, Blockchain & NFTs

- What is TRANSMEDIA? What is a METAVERSE?

- Blockchain is an Accounting Tool

- Tips for Big Brands Jumping into Web3 and this Future "Metaverse"

- What Do You Care About - Value is Subjective

- What is a BRAND?

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About The Web3 Experience:

Every week we meet with the most innovative minds across culture, business, and technology to discuss how Web3 is unlocking a new generation of opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike.

By speaking with the builders of tomorrow and hearing their unique perspectives on Web3 and the world at large, we aim to break down the many existing societal frameworks that blockchains aim to disrupt.


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