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Episode 4: TRAN$PARENT

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Web3 Experience!

This week our hosts Mozy and Lance met with TRAN$PARENT, world-renowned currency artist with a unique style of presenting authenticity and financial transparency through his art.

His journey with finance and art has intertwined since his time in university. After studying abroad and falling in love with art, TRAN$PARENT started working in the traditional finance world before realizing he was a creative spirit at heart - a true artist, like much of his family and ancestors that came before him. His adventures through life and accomplishments have gotten him in rooms with mobsters, billionaires and rockstars like Post Malone, Kevin O'Leary and more, ultimately leading him to push the boundaries of his artistic career, and eventually pursuing an interest in the greater Web3 culture/movement.

In this episode, we discuss how TRAN$PARENT began creating art, why he believes in decentralization and blockchain technology, the truth about global financial markets and spirituality, among other topics.




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