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Welcome to the sixth episode of the Web3 Experience!

This week our hosts Mozy and Lance met with the talented Carolina Coto, a professional model and blockchain investor/founder who is on a journey to bring a higher sense of wellness and spirituality to the Web3 world.

In this episode we discuss Carolina's double-life as a former Vice President of the Internet Society and active-professional model. She dives into her passion for blockchain and the technology, as well as her experiences being an up-and-coming founder in the NFT industry.

Carolina's story begins in Costa Rica where she learned to truly appreciate mother nature, and the skill of inquisition from her actual mother, who was a political journalist covering the government's rampant corruption for decades. After high school, Carolina moved to New York to pursue her modeling career and she thrived. Carolina would land magazine covers, nation-wide TV commercial campaigns and impactful runway roles with the largest brands in the industry. Still, Carolina couldn't control her love of learning and so she joined the Internet Society where she would stumble into the founding developers of Ethereum, and eventually became the Vice President of the chapter.

Through her upcoming NFT collections, OMBruja and Sacred Avatars, Carolina is now on a mission to empower women and bring forth an added emphasis on spirituality, mental and physical well-being to Web3 culture. Learn more about the collections using the links below!




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