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Episode 7: ATLAS CORP

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Web3 Experience!

This week our hosts Mozy and Lance met with the founders of Atlas Corporation, ​​a leading-edge provider of web3 development services, blockchain consulting and computer programming.

Operating out of The LAB in Miami, FL (-54,-83 in Decentraland), Atlas CORP provides web3 development services to metaverse natives, ambitious entrepreneurs and legacy institutions alike. They are a company compelled by curiosity to push the bounds of what’s possible by bringing together new technologies & applying them in different ways.

In this episode we had the opportunity to speak with Avi Aisenberg (aka Morris Mustang) and Aaron Alamary (aka Quoteguy), seasoned entrepreneurs and childhood friends who share a long history in business development, computer programming and web3.

Topics we discuss, include: - The Path to NFTs from a Lifelong Programmer's Perspective - Data Ownership in Web2 & Web3 (Who owns your data in the digital world?) - Data Distribution and Monetization (How much data is there and who profits from it?) - Business Startups and The Journey of Entrepreneurship - Why is Digital Real Estate Valuable? (Breaking Down Decentraland) - The Metaverse - A Collision of Artificial Intelligence, VR, Digital Ownership & Beyond - A New Music Industry Powered by the Blockchain - Building in Web3 For the Right Reasons

By understanding the entrepreneurial journeys of Avi and Aaron, we are able to gather their unique perspectives on the critical shift from Web2 to Web3 (from a business and developer's standpoint), as well as relevant information on emerging technologies such as NFTs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Metaverse Real Estate, Blockchain Data Analytics and more...

Learn more about Atlas CORP using the links below!,-81 Morris Mustang:

Aaron Alamary:



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