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Episode 8: DEFI vs. CEFI

Welcome to the eighth episode of the Web3 Experience!

This week our hosts Mozy and Lance met with Alex, ​​Founder of Elite Indemnity Group LLC. Alex offers a unique perspective into the financial shift in traditional markets after the volatility that came with the AMC/GME situation.

As an experienced stock and options trader with a unique journey into investing, there were many important talking points discussed that new investors could benefit from in this episode, as we compare and contrast CEFI (Centralized Finance) and DEFI (Decentralized Finance) through brutally honest discussion and real world examples. Alex also gives his honest opinions on Web3 and we discuss the future capabilities of blockchain technology.

Topics we discuss, include:

- Managing Risk in Stocks and Crypto

- Helpful Trading Tips for New Investors

- Rules to Live by as an Options Trader

- Is FTX the Bernie Madoff of Crypto?


- Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

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