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Episode 9: An Independent Artist's Journey to Stardom

Welcome to the ninth episode of the Web3 Experience!

This week our hosts Mozy and Lance met with InvestinStockz, the founder and CEO of his very own music label, "Buy Money." Previously managed by ROC NATION, Stockz (also known as Skateboard Cane, Stockzilla, Zilla) is a Houston-raised recording artist, actor, model, investor and entrepreneur, with experience headlining for brands such as Revolt TV, McDonald's, Trillerfest, Hennyfest and ROLLING LOUD 2022!


In this episode, we speak about the ugly truths of society, and discuss how Web3 technology can help bring about positive change and opportunity in our digitally evolving world. Having shared stages with some of the brightest minds in the music and business industries, Investinstockz offers a range of unique perspectives that allow us to further understand the monetization process for up-and-coming artists, trading tactics for new investors (Stocks & Crypto), how to hustle as an entrepreneur and separate yourself from competition by becoming a forward-thinker.

Topics we discuss, include:

- Is Decentralization for everyone?

- Is Governance necessary?

- A More Democratized Investment Market

- Insider Trading & Market Manipulation in CEFI & DEFI

- What does it mean to "Buy Money?"

- The Future of the Music NFT Industry

- Heightened Global Connectivity Through NFTs

- The Future is Coming. What innovations lie ahead?

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